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How to set Oracle APEX page items using JavaScript?

How to set Oracle APEX page items using JavaScript?

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·Nov 27, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Syntax
  • Examples
  • Reference


This tutorial will help you understand the usage of apex.item javascript API to set the value of a page item.


setValue(pValue, pDisplayValueopt, pSuppressChangeEventopt)


Input Fields

In this example, the value of the page item P1_ITEM will be set to 10. As pSuppressChangeEvent has not been passed, the default behavior of the change event triggering for P1_ITEM will occur.

apex.item( "P1_ITEM" ).setValue( "10" );

Pop-Up LOV/ Select List

In this example, P1_DEPARTMENT is a Popup LOV page item. A pop-up LOV must have a display value and return value. The display value of P1_DEPARTMENT will be set to Sales, and the hidden return value will be set to 10.

apex.item( "P1_DEPARTMENT" ).setValue( "10", "Sales");

This example shows how to suppress the change event when there is no display value.

apex.item( "P1_DEPARTMENT" ).setValue( "10", null, true );


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